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1.  How do I clean my California Car Duster?

Just shake it out before and after use and it should last many years... it will turn brown/black and keep working great.  Only wash it if it literally stops working...  I say this because washing may remove the paraffin wax that makes the dusters work so well.  Washing is a last resort when you have nothing to lose and are ready to buy a new one anyway.  If you try, you should gently hand wash in cool water with Cold Water Woolite and hang to air dry.

2.  Can I retreat the dusters with a spray or wax?

No.  The paraffin wax treatment is baked into the strands giving the dusters a long life.  There is no way to replicate this effect. Any sprays or treatments you see that claim to rejuvenate your car duster are false.

3.  How do I replace the duster mophead or handle?

You can't.  The handles and duster heads are not offered separately since the duster heads last a very long time (2 to 15 years).  The duster heads are also really the cost of the duster, as the handle cost pennies.  It is more cost effective to just buy a completely new duster.

4.  Won't the dusters scratch my paint job?

No they won't.  The duster is made of fine quality cotton yarn that is fused with a high grade formulation of paraffin wax by a special process.  That is all that's in there.  Assuming you don't use your duster on a chunk of debris you'll be fine.  Just be mindful while you're dusting not to use it on something gritty.  Stick to fine particles like dust, pollen, or film.

5.  How long do the dusters last?

It varies by how the duster is used.  Is it being used in an industrial setting to dust down storage container doors? Maintain a solar panel farm? Or keep your garage kept and car covered baby flawless?  The average is probably 2 to 3 years, but we regularly hear from customers using their duster 5 to 15 years.

6.  Can I use the car dusters on other things?

Absolutely!  I use cali dusters every weekend to dust my house very fast.  I use a mini duster to clean all my mini blinds, ceiling fans, HDTV's, electronics, shelves, moulding, central air vents, you name it.  People use full size car dusters on their laminate floors, solar panels, pianos... the uses are endless.  Basically you just have to avoid fabric as the duster contains wax which could stain.  Also, do not use the same duster you use on your car for other purposes.

7.  How Do I use my California Car Duster?

It's easy.  Just run the mop-head with minimal pressure over your dusty vehicle.  Wax is what makes the dusters work so well, so NEVER use the duster when the surface of your vehicle is hot or you'll melt off the wax.  This won't hurt your car, but you'll need a new duster.  Avoid cloth, it will stain.  Avoid glass, it may streak.  Finally, shake it out before and after each use. 

8.  Do you donate dusters to charity events?

You can call or write to: 
CA Car Dusters
9525 De Soto Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Phone: +1-818-998-2300

9.  How do I get bulk discounts?

No problem.  Just email and tell us which products, and how many you're taking about on our Contact Page.

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