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about-icon.png  About the Original California Car Duster [plus video below]


    This has been the painful question asked by so many car lovers over the decades.  Having meticulously washed and waxed their rides just a day or two ago, only to come outside to find its once glorious glossy sheen covered in a layer of dust or pollen.  Even worse, a neighborhood kid devilishly took a single finger and scrawled… “WASH ME” in the offending particles.  Countless motorists have suffered this indignity.

    Then, in a garage in California, home of the overnight dusty vehicle, a discovery was made that would change the lives of auto enthusiasts planet wide.  Dusting with rags and mops was inefficient and just pushed the dust.  What if you could make the dust stick to them?  But how?  Wax.  Wax was the key.  A special proprietary paraffin wax blend was developed.  To make the wax stick to the mop it was realized dipping them in the wax wasn’t enough, and so a special baking procedure was created to infuse the yarn strands... bonding the wax into the yarn for longevity.  This way the wax was able to envelop the dust particles, trapping them.  An incredible side effect... as the duster got dirtier, trapping more and more dust within, it actually worked even better!  It gets crazier... the mophead would last a year or two easily and never needed to be cleaned.  Even after it turned brown and black with dirt!  You just shook it out a bit before and after use.  What’s more, as long as you used the duster with a keen eye, never allowing anything bigger than dust to get inside it, it would never scratch or damage your paint job.

    It was almost too good to be true, but there it was… The Original California Car Duster was born.  In five minutes you could return a dust, pollen, or grimy film covered vehicle into the gleaming piece of motorized art it was meant to be.  It was magical.

    Since 1989 (online since 1997) we have been providing the best automotive detailing product ever devised, and we will never stop.  We are veteran owned and operated.  This web store is dedicated to getting a California Car Duster into your hands ridiculously fast and easy so you too can share in its awesomeness.  You are guaranteed to love your duster or your money back.  Don’t believe me?  Order one and see.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

    Now, enjoy the classic non-HD grainy analog goodness of the very first commercial for the old school California "Magic" Duster & Dash Duster from 1989.  These days we just call them the Original California Car Duster & Mini Duster.  "Don't Just Move Dust, REMOVE IT!"

Long Live The Original California Car Duster!

Best Regards,


Eric C. Jackson, Duster in chief
The Original California Car Duster Webstore

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